Summarizing Individual Point Attributes

About Summarizing Individual Point Attributes

When using the Point Cloud Statistics Extractor , all attributes of the point cloud can be summarized using basic descriptive statistics such as minimum, maximum, mean, and standard deviation. The field codes used for each descriptive statistic is ‘MN’, ‘MX’, ‘AV’, and ‘SD’ respectively. The following lists the point attributes that you can calculate these descriptive statistics for along with their field codes:

  • Elevation: EL
  • Classification: CL
  • Intensity: IN
  • Point Source: PS
  • Return Number: RN
  • Number of Returns: NR
  • Scan Angle: SA
  • User Data: UD
  • GPS Time (if available): TI
  • Red Band (if available): RD
  • Green Band (if available): GR
  • Blue Band (if available): BL
  • Infrared (if available): IR

For example, if you choose to export the min, max, mean, and standard deviation of the elevations then the field names would be ELMN, ELMX, ELAV, ELSD respectively. If grouping by an attribute such as classifications, the field names would be for class 2 for example: CL2_ELMN, CL2_ELMX, CL2_ELAV, CL2_ELSD.

How to Summarize Individual Point Attributes

Point Attribute Checkboxes

  1. On the Point Cloud Statistics Extractor property page, from the Point Attributes Tab, click the point attribute check box to toggle whether the attribute is summarized.
  2. Click each box that represents the descriptive statistic(s) you wish to summarize the point attribute by.


  • Optional attributes such as Timestamp or Color bands will only produce values in the extracted summaries if they exist in the point cloud data.

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