Symantec is blocking LP360 Installation


When trying to install the latest version of LP360, and using the Symantec EndPoint Security software, one might receive a Window’s notification stating that it has prevented an unrecognized app from starting and that running this app might put your computer at risk.  This message will show that the publisher of the app is unknown. One will also receive a Symantec Endpoint Protection Notification stating that it found a security risk in regards to the installer.


Probable Resolution #1:

Remove the file from Quarantine and re-run the installation:

  1. Open SEP
  2. Navigate to the “View Quarantine” window
  3. Select the LP360 .msi file from the list of quarantined files
  4. Click the “Restore” button
  5. Close SEP, and re-download the LP installer

This knowledge base article from Symantec describes the ability to white-list a domain to prevent future files from LP360 from being blocked.


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