Synchronize Views: Camera Options

TerraScan provides from the ability to synchronize MicroStation views by making one view dependent on a master view.  The dependent view then updates when the master view changes.  One advantage of this tool is that it allows the visualization of the same location using different attributes simultaneously, which can be extremely useful for quality assurance/quality control of point classification.

Beginning with TerraScan v016.009 the ability to synchronize a camera view was introduced. This option allows the dependent view to display an image referenced from an Image List within TerraPhoto.  TerraScan will select the best image (nadir or oblique) for the given viewing direction in the master view.

To use this option, activate the Synchronize Views tool  from the TerraScan View Laser toolbar. For the MicroStation view that you wish to display the images selected the Camera option. Next, designate the master MicroStation view. Then, select the camera(s) from which images to select to reference in the dependent view. Depending on your camera arrangement for that mission, options include images from any, nadir, or oblique cameras.

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