Terra License Manager: Invalid Licenses

User receives an error message indicating the licenses that were checked out are invalid. User may not be able to return the license to the license pool.
This message indicates that there is a problem with the installation of the Terra License Manager.

Probable Solution 1:

This error message can result if the Terra License Manager executable was copied from another computer instead of being installed on the machine in question. Install Terra License Manager on the client machine and verify that the licenses are now listed as valid.

Probable Solution 2:

This error message can also result if the Terra License Manager software was not installed with full administrative rights on Windows 7 era, and later, operating systems. Re-run the installation executable by right-clicking on “Setup.exe” and selecting the “Run as Administrator” option. After re-installation verify that the licenses are now listed as valid.

Probable Solution 3:

Is this a Windows 10 machine? Recall the customer advisory bulletin that warned of this possible issue should Windows Update 1803 be installed. Verify when the Windows Update 1803 was installed. Verify the current ComputerID on the machine in the license dialog for any of the Terrasolid modules and compare it to the ComputerID found in the license file on that same machine. If you revert the machine back to pre 1803 then the Computer ID should change back and the license become valid once again.

If you click through the links in the CAB the Bentley page now has a way to prevent Windows from offering up the 1803 in an automatic update. Users may still manually install it though.

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