Terra License Manager: No Pool Licenses Available

User receives a message indicating there are “no pool licenses” when attempting to check-out a license using the Terra License Manager.
This message indicates that the license server configuration has not been completed or the client machine is experiencing difficulties communicating with the Server.

Option 1:

Generally, this error message results due to the fact that Terra License Server Service was installed on the machine, but never started. Go to services on the server machine and start the Terra License Server Service, “TerraLicenseService013”. If the service does not appear in the list make sure it was installed or ensure that the Terra License Server GUI is open if the desire is not to run the service.

Option 2:

The license (LIC) files for pool licensing must reside within the current version pool folder, for example “terra\pool013”, on the Terra License Server machine and the user requesting the license must have as a minimum read & execute permissions on this folder. A user may browse to the folder to verify access and permissions. Ensure that license files provided by Terrasolid are unzipped into this folder.

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