Terra License Usage

You can run Terra License Server when you want to view the status of the license pool or change the server settings. Terra License Server shows the current state of the license pool and logs every request and return event.

Terra License Server

Terra License Server

The Licensed applications list shows a list of applications for which the program finds valid licenses in the same folder where the executable is located. The license counts are displayed as Number of Licenses in Use/Total Licenses.

Licenses window shows the status of each license for the application selected in Licensed applications list. Columns shown are License Serial Number, Machine using the license, Expiration date and time of the checked out license or the expiration date of license if not currently in use.

Event log shows all the events since the program was last started. The program keeps adding messages to license_server_log.txt text file which stores all events since the server was installed. Parsing the text file can

Monitoring the usage values found in the License Applications pane on a regular basis, or parsing the ASCII log file can provide insight into the license usage.


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