Terra License Window Stays when Loading a Product

When loading the Terrasolid product MDL within MicroStation the license dialogue appears and stays on top.
The license dialogue stays up when first loading the product if the product does not have a valid license.

Probable Resolution 1:

Verify that the major version of the product installed on the machine matches the major version of the license. This means that if you are running v016.x software you need to have v016 licenses on the machine.

Probable Resolution 2:

Verify that the license on the machine is for the same package as what was installed. A “Lite” license cannot be used to run a full version of a product and vice versa.

Probable Resolution 3:

Products run from the \terra\ma folder operate using licenses located within the \terra\license folder.

  • If you have both MS Connect and MS V8i installed on the machine be sure that the licenses are located in the respective “license” folder by either checking out for each version by running the Terra License Manager from within each of the license folders (not recommended as it uses two licenses on the same machine), or copy from the one “license” folder to the other one. For instance, “\terra\license” and “\terra_ce\license”.
  • If you’re running only the CE products, the default install folder is “c:\terra64”, whereas the default 32-bit License Manager installation is “c:\terra”, causing in effect the same issue as the preceding. You need to ensure that the licenses are in the “terra64\license” folder by either installing the License Manager into “c:\terra64” instead of its default, or vice-versa.
  • Similarly when using the 32-bit products, “C:\terra”, versus the 64-bit Terra License Manager, “C:\terra64”.
  • Same thing can occur if a user puts the Terra License Manager in a folder other than the Terra Installation folder, such as their desktop or a D:\Apps folder, yet the products are installed in the C:\terra64 or C:\terra folder.

Probable Resolution 4:

Product needs to be installed with Administrator permissions. To accomplish this select the install executable, right click and select Run As Administrator (RAA).

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