TerraMatch Key-in Commands

Many tools in TerraMatch can be started by entering a key-in command in the MicroStation Key-in line. The Browse Key-in option of the Key-in line can be used to find out the syntax of a key-in command. To bring up the key-in dialog press enter in an active MicroStation view window.

If you select TMatch in the list at the lower right corner of the Browse Key-in dialog, the selection of commands is limited to TerraMatch commands only. There are four list fields that show available commands. Select the first word of a command in the left list. This adds the word to the command line and displays matching second words in the second-left list field. Select the second word of a command. This adds the word to the command line and displays any matching third words in the next list field. Continue until a command is complete.

If you know approximately, how a command looks like, you may start typing the command in the Key-in line. The software automatically completes words of the command, so you just type the first letter(s) and then, confirm the suggested word with <Space>.

Press <Enter> in order to execute a key-in command. This starts the corresponding tool or performs another action called by the command.

Key-in commands are handy because you can assign them to function keys in MicroStation. This can speed up some manual tasks significantly as you can call tools by pressing a key instead of mouse clicks. Especially tools with optional parameters in their key-in commands are well suited for speeding up manual work with function keys.

This lists key-in commands and their optional parameters that you may consider assigning to function keys

Match Add Elevation Point

Match Add Elevation Point key-in command for starting elevation point placement.


match add elevation point

Corresponding menu command: Add Elevation point

Match Add Known Point

Match Add Known Point key-in command for starting elevation point placement.


match add known point

Corresponding menu command: Add Known point

Match Add XY Point

Match Add XY Point key-in command for starting XY point placement.


match add xy point

Corresponding menu command: Add XY point

Additional Key-in Commands:

about terramatch  
add ground line 
add ground point 
add known line 
add section line 
apply correction  
combine rotation angles 
define coordinate setup 
define tie lines 
find fluctuations  
find match  
find range correction 
find tie line fluctuation
find tie line match
help on terramatch 
match forward and backward
measure match  


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