TerraModeler: Contour generation appears to not work

The resulting contour design files are empty, or the contours are being generated as if there are no breaklines.
A couple of things to review:

  1. Verify that a classification routine, using a buffer and/or with closed shapes, to presumably the water or buffer class has been run on those laser points which would conflict with the breaklines.
  2. Verify that the classification routine above was run on the dataset before generating the contour key-points to ensure that the contour key-points used to Produce Contours do not conflict with the breaklines.
  3. Verify that the breaklines are 3D vectors with valid elevations.
  4. Ensure the project specified in the Produce Contours dialog is a valid project.
  5. Ensure the class(es) specified in the Produce Contours dialog is valid for the selected project and desired results.
  6. Attach the design file containing the breaklines as a reference file to the seed file used for the Produce Contours routine.
  7. Use ‘Triangulate Elements’ and ‘Add Rule’, after selecting elements, to create the vector rule file. Selecting the breakline element to create the rule helps to ensure that the rule matches the line work.
  8. Specify that “breakline rule file” in the Produce Contours dialog.
  9. Generate a surface with No Exclusions.
  10. If the breaklines do not have vertices at or about the NPS, use the Generate Points along Breakline option to add vertices to it while inserting into the surface at or about the NPS.
Additional Comments
For additional information you may wish to refer to the recommended workflow on page 209 of the TerraModeler User Guide. If you have any questions about the information provided in this article please contact support@geocue.com at any time.

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