TerraModeler Contours: Tips for Edge Matched Contours

A few general rules to follow to ensure that contours generated in TerraModeler edge match correctly:

  1. Use the Produce Contour option rather than interactively writing the contours for a single tile into the design file.
  2. Use a model buffer size large enough to span data voids at tile boundaries.
  3. Incorporate breaklines to avoid issues with large water bodies near tile boundaries.
  4. Produce Contours on all tiles in a single TerraModeler session as TerraModeler will keep the edge information in memory during the contour production to help ensure that contours edge match between resulting tiles to within one UOR.
  5. Use the largest tiles possible to minimize possible areas of edge mismatches. This is best accomplished by generating a contour keypoint dataset from which to produce the contours.
  6. Use “soft line strings” as the contour draw type instead of writing “curves”.
  7. Do not use the “Thin by removing points if” contour option.

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