TerraPhoto Create Thumbnails

Create thumbnails command starts the creation of thumbnails for defined resolution ratios. The tool creates GeoTiffs which are stored in the /TEMP directory of the mission. The default file name is thumb<ratio>_<image name>.tif.

Thumbnails can speed up the image display for different TerraPhoto processes:

Define color corrections display

Active full view in tie point mode

Define color points display

If the size of the raw images exceeds 100 MB, tiled TIFFs can be used for many operations. TerraPhoto caches tiles to reduce memory requirements and speed up tasks because only parts of images need to be read. Raw images can be converted into tiled TIFFs in the same process that creates thumbnails.

To create thumbnails and/or tiled TIFFs:

1. Select Create thumbnails command from the Utility pulldown menu.

This opens the Create thumbnails dialog:

Create thumbnails dialog

Create thumbnails dialog

2. Define settings and click OK.

This starts the thumbnail creation. Depending on the amount of images and chosen ratios, this may take a while. A progress bar shows the progress of the process.




Name of the camera of which thumbnails are created. Alternatively, thumbnails are created for images of Any camera.

Thumbnail ratios

Selection of resolution ratios for which thumbnails are created:

Convert to tiled TIFF

If on, raw images are converted into tiled TIFFs. This overwrites the original images in the mission’s image directories.

Tile size

Size of the tiles for converted images in pixels.


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