TerraScan: Label Clearance

A new tool has recently been added to the TerraScan Road toolbox (beginning with v017.024) called Label Clearance (Figure 1). This tool builds upon the set of tools using the distance attribute and adds more automation to extracting information from point clouds. The Label Clearance tool enables the quick and easy measurement and display of the value of the closest approach of one object to another, for example: the clearance of overhead objects such as bridges, wires, or signs to a road surface; the shortest distance of obstructions to wire vector elements; distance of buildings to a pipeline route, etc.

Figure 1: Road Toolbox

This tool has three requirements:

  1. The data needs to be classified. Specifically, the objects that need to have clearances labeled need to be separately classified from the comparison objects.  For example, if the ground clearances of wires need to be labeled, then the ground and wires need to be in their own respective classifications.
  2. Distances need to be calculated between the objects of interest using the Compute Distance The distance is stored as an attribute on each point (savable to the Fast Binary format only) and allows for the view by distance coloring display option.
  3. The software needs to know where to label these distances, which is accomplished using 2D polygons that cover the desired area for each clearance label.

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