TerraScan Trajectories

TerraScan and TerraPhoto trajectory files may be generated in TerraScan by importing the following sensor trajectory file formats:

  • Applanix SBET Sensor Trajectory Format
  • Leica SOL Sensor Trajectory Format
  • Riegl POF 1.1 Sensor Trajectory Format
  • Topcon Trajectory Format (CTE)
  • Novatel’s Inertial Explorer SBTC/SBIC sensor trajectory format
  • Merge from GPS and INS
  • ASCII files as defined in the settings by the user, and the following built-in definitions:
    • TYXZRPH – Time Northing Easting Elevation Roll Pitch Heading
    • TYXZSSSQSS – Time Northing Easting Elevation Skip Skip Skip Quality Skip Skip
    • TYXZQSSSS – Time Northing Easting Elevation Quality Skip Skip Skip Skip
    • TTXYZHPR – Time Time Easting Northing Elevation Heading Roll Pitch
    • TXYZ – Time Easting Northing Elevation

Shapefiles are not suitable for generating trajectory files.

The TerraScan trajectory format is a publicly available format and is described in the Programming Interface section of the TerraScan User Guide.


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