3D City Building Vectorization Model of Copenhagen from Open National Data

  • Results from automated 3D City building vectorization using Terrasolid tools.
  • Data source: – Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency – https://download.kortforsyningen.dk/
  • Dataset: – “Danmarks Højdemodel, DHM/Punktsky – Published 2016-04-07 – City of Copenhagen – “Skraafoto” (oblique and nadir images)- Published 2019.
  • Data downloaded in October 2019.
  • Classified data has been vectorized using TerraScan without editing or additional data.
  • Image orientation has been enhanced using TerraPhoto. Building textures have been extracted from raw images and attached to walls using TerraPhoto.
  • True orthophotos have been created for terrain draping and roof textures using TerraPhoto and vectorized building data.
  • The video is created using TerraPhoto Flythrough Movies tools.
3D City building vectorization using Terrasolid

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