Terrasolid Installation & License FAQs

Terrasolid Installation & License FAQs are some of the frequently asked questions about installing and licensing the Terrasolid products. See also, Terrasolid Product Installation & Setup Guide, Frequently asked questions about Terra License Server and Pool Licenses, or Frequently asked questions about workflows, tools, and product usage.

1. Can you install TerraScan/TerraScan Lite on the same system?

No, you cannot have TerraScan and TerraScan Lite installed within the same MicroStation installation. The modules will overwrite one another during the installation process thus only one product can be installed within MicroStation at a time.

2. What does “TSCAN is not signed” mean?

This error message happens when TerraScan is trying to be loaded into the High Security version of MicroStation. Open the normal version of MicroStation to resolve the issue.

3. What does the change of the major version for Terrasolid software mean?

Each year Terrasolid releases a major version change. Note that this isn’t a major release in the traditional sense as Terrasolid releases incremental releases of the software packages on a continual basis which add new features, fix bugs, and makes modifications to existing features. The major version change corresponds with the end of the calendar year based maintenance cycle, ending on December 31 each year. All of the Terrasolid version licenses for the preceding year expire on March 31 of the following year. The three month overlap is in place to allow ample time for the new version to be released, licenses generated, and customers to test and move production to the new version. Prior to March 31st everyone will be required to move to the new major version of the products and licenses. Terrasolid generally plans to release the current year major version (i.e. v021 corresponds to 2021 maintenance) products by mid February following final testing during their European User Event.

4. When I try to install License Server for v0## products, I receive an error that says, “Failed to copy to c:\terra\pool0##\license_server.exe”

The error message indicates that either the License_Server.exe is in use, perhaps the Terra License Server GUI is currently open by a user or the Terra License Server Service is running. Or else you do not have permissions to overwrite the existing file. Check with you IT for further assistance.

5. Installing a Terrasolid module for Bentley Map PowerView or Bentley Map PowerView CE gives message about not finding ustation.exe in the provided folder.

Select the option to “continue anyways” when it doesn’t find the “ustation.exe” within the MapPowerView folder.


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