The Terrasolid License Changeover Explained

Unlike most software vendors Terrasolid makes progressive releases of their software modules over the course of a calendar year. The calendar year in turn corresponds directly with the maintenance cycle for the products. Hence, once a year all users must renew their maintenance and move on to the current year major release products and licenses (for example, v020 for 2020 and v021 for 2021) prior to the February 28th license expiration of the preceding year’s licenses. The end of February expiration is simply a means of providing an overlap period between the expiration of maintenance on Dec 31, 2019 and the release of the v020 software and licenses – usually around the end of January.

Of course, what all of this means is that there really is no major release of the Terrasolid software containing a large number of new features but rather there is a steady stream of new features and refinements that have been added over the course of the year, enabling users access to those features as soon as they became available. Hence, one cannot simply state what the new features are in a particular version but rather must look at what has been added over the course of the past year. Typically, in February of each year we conduct a webinar and post to this knowledge base a summary of all of the product enhancements and feature additions.

Should a user elect not to renew maintenance, which we hope will not be the case, but we understand that sometimes it must happen, then they will lose the pool/network license capability that is only allowed with a maintenance agreement, and must transition to permanent node-locked licenses. Without maintenance users will lose access to the new software releases with all of its feature enhancements and new tools, as well as access to support on the products.

Note: As of 2019 and the v019 licenses the changeover period to the v020 version was shortened to February 28, 2020. V020 is extended once again through 31Mar2021.


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