Terrasolid License Server and License Manager

There are two types of permanent licenses available for the Terrasolid products.

Pool/Network Licenses

Network licenses are only available to customers with a valid maintenance agreement for the software and allow for the licenses to be used on different computers. This is the recommended licensing mode. For more information on pool licenses please see http://www.terrasolid.com/products/license_server_manager.php, where you will find links to the latest version of the License Server & Manager Users Guide, and animations related to License Server & Manager setup.

FAQ: Terrasolid License Server and Pool Licenses

Node-lock Licenses

Node-locked licenses are targeted to users who always use the licenses on the same machine, for those evaluating the software, or permanent node-locked for those who no longer have valid maintenance agreement.


For help with installing, registering and checking out licenses please see the Installing Terrasolid Products Guide.

For troubleshooting there are several posts on this searchable knowledge base site for commonly encountered issues with the Terra License Server.

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