Terrasolid Product Installation & Setup Guide

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The Terrasolid Product Installation & Setup Guide provides information on how to install, register and configure your Terrasolid products and licenses on Windows for Bentley and Spatix CAD packages.


Introduction. 1
Invoice. 1
About Terrasolid OY.. 1
About GeoCue Group. 1
Downloading the Installation Packages. 2
Bentley Based Packages. 2
Microsoft Windows Based Packages. 4
Spatix Based Packages. 5
Installing the Products. 6
Terra License – Server/Service/Manager 6
Pool Licenses. 6
Node-locked licenses. 6
For MicroStation Packages. 7
For Spatix Packages. 7
Silently Installing the Products. 8
Registering Your Terrasolid Products. 9
Pool/Network Licenses. 9
Node-locked Licenses. 12
Setting Up Your Terrasolid Licenses. 14
Node-locked Licenses. 14
Pool Licenses. 14
Terra License Server 14
Client Machines. 14
Silent Terrasolid License Check Out/In. 17
Configuring TerraSlave (v020.006 and later) 18
TerraSlave – Node-locked Licenses. 18
TerraSlave - Pool Licenses. 18
Configuring TerraSlave (v020.005 and earlier) 19
TerraSlave – Node-locked Licenses (v020.005 and earlier) 19
TerraSlave - Pool Licenses (v020.005 and earlier) 20
Personalizing the Configuration. 21
Hiding Unused Applications within Terra License Manager 21
Sharing Terrasolid Configuration Files Between Users. 22
Using Terrasolid Configuration Files while Running TerraSlave from GeoCue. 24
Setting the Thread Count 26
Configuring TerraSlave for GeoCue when Installed in a Location other than the Default 26
Troubleshooting. 28
Installing on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or later Operating Systems. 28
Program Compatibility Assistant Message. 28
Terrasolid Package Crashes in MicroStation. 28
DLL Error Message Installing Software. 28
Unable to Check Out a License. 29
No Reply from the Server 29
Bad Access Code. 30
No Free License. 30
No Pool Licenses Available. 31
Nothing happens to the current expired or invalid status of a Pool License. 31
Invalid License. 32
License Window Appears when Loading a Product 32

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