Tutorial: Using Agisoft Metashape Confidence Value

A short tutorial showing how to use the Agisoft Metashape Confidence Value as a reliability attribute for ground classification in dense image matching photogrammetric point cloud classification.

Dataset courtesy of ELY-Keskus – owner and Mitta Oy – creator.

List of tools used in this presentation:

  • Read Points – Reliability attribute is selected at import.
  • Display Mode – Low reliability points displayed by coloring, the remaining points display in grey scale. Remaining points represent the ground surface.
  • Ground classification macro using reliability attribute reviewed:
  • Create Editable Model – Create model based on the classified ground points derived from the previous macro steps
  • Display shaded surface – View the ground model
  • Vegetation classification macro used to classify vegetation by height.
Confidence value as for reliability for ground classification of dense image matching point cloud

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