Tutorial: How to Define Signal Markers

Define signal markers to automatically identify the control point and/or check point locations in TerraScan or TerraMatch. In TerraScan, the Output Control Report tool can create a report of elevation differences and the horizontal shift between a point cloud and ground control points (GCPs) using signal markers. Signal markers in TerraScan can only be used for adjusting a point cloud to control measurements but not for matching data of flight/drive passes to each other. In TerraMatch, signal markers are used for matching flight/drive passes to each other.

To be able to use the tool, the shape of the signal marker must be defined in the TerraScan Settings -> Signal Markers category. Signal markers are stored in a configuration file called, “SIGNAL_MARKERS.INF” in the TerraScan or TerraMatch installation folder. You can copy this file to other computers in order to make the signal markers available on them. It is the same file format that is used by TerraMatch for signal markers. Therefore, the exchange of signal marker definitions is possible between TerraScan and TerraMatch. 

  • 01:07 How to add signal marker of chessboard pattern
  • 02:41 How to add own shape signal marker
  • 05:44 Where settings for signal markers saved
How to define signal markers in TerraScan

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