Tutorial: TerraScan View Laser Toolbox

In this short tutorial you’ll be introduced to some of the tools on the TerraScan View Laser Toolbox that can help with visualizing your point cloud in TerraScan. To control the visualizations in the views refer to the TerraScan Display Modes tutorial.

List of tools used in this presentation:

  • Draw Vertical Section – Used for creating a 3D cross section view.
  • Draw Horizontal Section – Used for creating a top down view which shows laser data and vector elements in a limited elevation range
  • Move Section – Lets the user move stepwise forwards and backwards in section views created by draw vertical or horizontal section tools
  • Travel View – Creates perspective views by defining viewer position, height above a referece surface, and vertical viewing angle.
  • Measure Point Density – Displays the average number of points per squared master unit.
  • Synchronize Views – Defines dependencies between CAD file views. Allows the user to view the same location using multiple types of content.

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