Toggle on/off the display surface in View 1 – MicroStation v8i

Sometimes users wish to toggle a TerraModeler surface shaded model on/off in particular views. There isn’t a direct key-in, but it looks like you could do that by using the Evaluate Expression action in a TerraScan macro.

EvaluateExpression FnDisplayShaded On

EvaluateExpression FnDisplayShaded On

This uses one of the function prototypes as outlined in the TerraModeler User Guide. In particular, it is using “int FnDisplayShaded( int Idv, int Vwb) ;” as found in the TerraModeler User Guide.

The expression as shown above toggles the shaded surface display on in view 1 for the first surface in the surfaces dialogue. You just need to refresh the display to see it. To toggle the same surface off in view 1 use:

EvaluateExpression FnDisplayShaded Off

EvaluateExpression FnDisplayShaded Off

Then refresh the display.

You can create a macro for each of these and then associate that macro with a function key, or a tool button to make them more user friendly.


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2 thoughts on “Toggle on/off the display surface in View 1 – MicroStation v8i

  1. DavidSTL says:

    I actually found a way to do this using Bentley’s Macro Recorder.
    I then call that macro from a customization button or Fkey; I also string along another command to refresh view 1.

  2. DavidSTL says:

    I was looking to find a way to do this.
    However, I have Microstation Connect, and the examples given return a “Macro Failed” message.

    Are the above examples correct, or do they simply not work with Connect? Is there another way to do this with Connect? Thanks.

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