Zero Tie Points while Searching for Automatic Tie Points


Searching for Automatic Tie Points during the TerraPhoto camera calibration results in zero tie points found.

Probable Resolution #1:

The trajectory position and time stamps should not be a factor at that phase of the calibration process (Automatic Tie Point searching). Any influence that that would have, would be brought to light during the manual tie point step of the airborne camera calibration.

You may need to adjust your ‘Search tie points’ settings (Match limit, Distance limit, Z tolerance, etc.) if the manual and semi-automatic tie points are working fine, but you get zero tie points when searching for automatic tie points.

Probable Resolution #2:

If the image files are large, then you may need to ensure you have created thumbnails to avoid memory issues. If they are over 100MB then you should also convert the images to tiled TIFF.

TPhoto – Create Thumbnails and Convert to Tiled TIFF

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