Attempt to Execute the Geocoder Task Failed


User encounters an error, “Attempt to execute the Geocoder task failed. Detail: Failure processing laser packets: processPkts() error: failed to open <PATH\YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.las> for write” while trying to geocode LIDAR again.

Failure processing laser packets

Probable Resolution #1:

This can happen if the user renamed the Cycle LAS layer as LP360 still has the file sin the Cycle\LAS folder open for read/write, but will not delete and attempt to rewrite them since the layer name has changed. Save the project, then remove the LAS_Layer that points to LAS files in the Cycle\LAS folder.

To save those LAS files as a different instance before running the GeoCode again, either Export them to a new location by right-clicking on the Cycle LAS layer, or remove the layer, rename the Cycle\LAS folder, then read those LAS files into the project.


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