Tutorial: Matching Mobile data XYZ using TerraMatch

A short tutorial showing the automatic collection of paint corner tie lines for matching mobile data in XYZ. TerraMatch uses the intensity of laser points to find paint corners in different drive passes and then applies automatic XYZ matching of drive passes to each other.

An initial macro long range high macro is run on the dataset utilizing Classify by Range and Apply Correction. Apply correction values are derived from using the Find Intensity Correction tool. Define Tie Lines – Import the signal markers and adjust the data. Find Tie Line Fluctuations and check if the xyz correction curve is good. User has the ability to now search for tie lines based on paint corner intensity values. Data can be corrected based on these observations.

  • 0:22 How to load in GPS measured coordinates of signal markers and draw into vector file
  • 2:13 How to setup and run long range high classification macro
  • 4:27 How to import known points and adjust data
  • 9:45 How to search for paint corners and apply corrections
Matching Mobile data XYZ using TerraMatch

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