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2 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to quickly setup mobile project blocks using the trajectory

  1. abnan says:

    Dear Sir ,
    we successfully loaded the las file with read point after defining coordinate system and then created block and used the macro to classify the building and vegetation but we received the results as

    Building , trees and poles are classified in high vegetation only but i need them in separate files..

    any guidance please

    1. Sounds like you’re needing to do some advanced above ground feature classification and the Classify by Groups routines will assist you with achieving that goal in a timely manner. Review the following posts for more information on that workflow.
      Group Classification Tools Enable New Analysis Methods in TerraScan
      Classifying by Groups in TerraScan
      Tutorial: Grouping and Above-ground Object Classification Based on Groups
      Reporting of Trees and Other Objects using Groups
      Write Group Points

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