Upgrade to MicroStation CONNECT Edition Campaign

MicroStation CONNECT Edition is a 64-bit application which enables you to handle much bigger point clouds.  The latest Terrasolid applications fully utilize the new 64-bit platform.

Terrasolid and Bentley have jointly developed a campaign to upgrade your Bentley Map Powerview, Bentley PowerDraft and old MicroStation licenses to the latest MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

If you have your Bentley Map Powerview or Bently PowerDraft licenses under Bentley SELECT, you only pay the price difference according to your local price-list.

If you have an old MicroStation version not under SELECT, you only pay the one year SELECT entry fee and subscribe to SELECT.

Contact your Bentley reseller for a quotation.

This upgrade campaign is valid until 15 Dec 2016.

MicroStation Connect Edition FAQ …


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