Tutorial: VTW 2022 – Terrasolid software licensing

This article offers a brief overview and link to the software licensing webinar from Terrasolid’s virtual training webinar sessions of 2022.

Terrasolid software Maintenance and licensing


  • 32-bit software is still supported in version 022
    • Highly recommended to update to 64 bit version of software


  • Maintenance is renewed every 12 months
    • Applies to all license types
  • Software upgrade every Q1 of the year
  • 022 available as of March 14th
  • PPA
    • Licenses are Calendar independent
    • Can have combination of rental and perpetual licenses
  • Perpetual and Rental Licenses
    • Follows calendar year – Jan to Dec
  • Academic
    • Exclusive to non-commercial usage
    • Larger license pool at reduced price
    • Calendar independent
  • Included in maintenance
    • Software updates
    • Technical support
    • Licensing assistance

License types (network, node-locked licenses)

  • Network type
    • Allows ability to share licenses
    • Licenses placed in poolxx folder on server machines
  • Node-locked
    • Associated with a single machine

Ability to launch the macros and use another PC to process the data (via TerraSlave)

  • Terraslave
    • Used for distributing tasks
    • Included with TerraScan

Upcoming features

  • Internet activation of Licenses
    • Available 2023

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