What’s New in Terrasolid – Feb 2012

The newest features within the Terrasolid products that have been added to the Terrasolid version 013 software between February 2011 and February of 2012.

New Features in TerraScan 2012

  • Various Improvements
    • Saves settings when you close Settings dialog
    • Settings tool supports creation section templates based on elements drawn in a section view
    • Option in Cut overlap / Cut by range to use either 3D range or Offset range as the range criteria
    • Copy from class setting in Copy from reference: makes it possible to copy only specific classification (for example building class) from an older data set
  • Block numbering can be based on order in which trajectories visit the blocks (=driving order)
  • Project Import
    • From file name option for assigning line numbers
    • From file name option for assigning scanner numbers
  • Project Improvements
    • Tools / Validate blocks menu command for finding
      • Duplicate block names
      • Very small area blocks
      • Overlapping blocks
    • Select all, Invert and Deselect all buttons in long list dialog
  • Buildings
    • Accept using setting to control how easily point groups should be classified as buildings
    • Dividing polygons in building vectorization
  • Classify by Range
    • 3D distance
    • Xy distance
    • Dz from scanner
      • Use Dz from scanner with mobile data to classify:
        • Points clearly below the ground
        • Points clearly above the ground – ‘vegetation’
  • Classify / Hard surface
  • Classify / Wire danger points macro action
  • Scanner system definition now has IMU misalignment angles for more accurate lever arm computation
  • Cut Linear Element
  • Extract color from images – Smoothens color/brightness differences between images
  • Construct Roof Polygons
  • Create Buildings from Polygons
  • Rail Section Template
  • Finding Rails
  • Finding Overhead Wires

New Features in TerraMatch 2012

  • Various Improvements
    • Support for GPS standard time
    • Support for Apply correction macro action
    • Support for new TerraScan RAM point format
    • Support for Fast Binary file format
    • Compatibility with PowerMap and PowerCivil
  • Tie line improvements
    • Position / Delete / By range menu command
    • Position / Delete / By scanner menu command
    • Ability to enter elevation of ground level tie line observations in non top view windows
  • Select Sets in Find Tie Line Match
  • Restore Observation Values
  • Apply Correction to Trajectories
  • Automatic Search for Signal Markers
  • Combine Rotation Angles

New Features in TerraPhoto 2012

  • Various Improvements
    • Saves settings when you close Settings dialog
    • Settings tool and Memory category shows how much cache is currently using
      • Free all frees everything in the cache
    • Ability to open several image list files using Images / Load list menu command
  • Utility / Compute shadow maps
  • Multiple Raw Image Directories
  • Grey Balance Correction
  • Tools / Convert from / Trimble MX8 calibration
  • Compute list supports Trimble MX8 .dbf files as timing source
  • Rectify / Wall rasters
  • Compute Depth Maps for Airborne
  • Building Plane Normal Directions
  • Fix Building Normals
  • Import Pictometry Survey

New Features in TerraModel 2012

  • Thin Linear Element
  • Densify Linear Element
  • Force Downstream Flow

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