What’s New in Terrasolid – Feb 2019

The following are the highlights of the new features that have been added to the Terrasolid software between February 2018 and February 2019, and can be found in the version 019 releases.

  • Works in Map PowerView CONNECT Edition
  • Various Improvements
    • Support for reading Leica PTS file format
    • Parameter, Dimension, Normal X, Normal Y and Normal Z, field types added to user defined point file formats
    • Convert Geoid model supports Norwegian geoid model
    • Copy from reference supports copying Echo Length and Parameter attributes
    • Added Sorting by Line and time, Line, scanner and time and XY location
    • Addon source code now includes Visual Studio solution file
  • Speed Improvements
  • Compute distance macro action supports computing distance from points to powerline wires
  • New options for Search type in Closeby points routine
    • 2D Above/Below
    • 3D Above/Below
  • Draw Line Boundaries
  • Improvements in Building Vectorization
    • New Match Roof Elevation tool
    • Tolerance setting for intersection lines
  • Georeferencing Improvements
    • Translate/Rotate tools
    • Fit Using Targets menu command
      • Ball Targets
      • Signal Markers
  • Cut Long Range menu and macro action
  • Display dynamics for Shaded Coloring Display Mode
  • Display Improvements
    • Borders
    • Use normal
  • Displayset tools
  • Towards vectors option in Compute Normal
  • Classify Tunnel Surfaces
  • Vectorize Tunnel Sections
  • Group Classify by Vegetation Index
  • Group Copy from Closest
  • New Trunk method in Grouping
  • Add Points to Group
  • Clear Group Fence
  • Inspect Groups
  • Trunk Method in Place Tree Cells
  • Works in Map PowerView CONNECT Edition
  • New Windows dialogs
  • Support for PNG as raw image file format
  • Deduce Line Numbers
  • Write adjustment curve as TMS
  • New Feature Points to Tie Points workflow
  • Cross Sections
  • Rotations
  • Stereo Support for TerraSurvey

For additional information please review the webinar recording.


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