What’s New in Terrasolid? – Jan 2020

The following are the highlights of the new features that have been added to the Terrasolid software between February 2019 and January 2020, and can be found in the version 020 releases.

  • Various Improvements
    • Thin points has new choices to keep first/last echo or whole pulse
    • Note text field added to Modify Tree Cells and Output Trees
    • Increase by File setting added to group id in importing trajectories
    • Classify by Class supports multiple classes
    • Support for GPS seconds-of-day and UTC seconds-of-day source time stamps when importing trajectories or converting trajectory time stamps
  • Deduce Scanner Positions
  • Find Pipes
  • Check Tunnel Sections
  • ‘Add using Files’ in Define Project
  • Find Danger Objects Improvements
  • User defined Vegetation Indices
  • Move Section Improvement
  • Write Buildings to Database
  • Read Buildings from Database
  • Delete Database Buildings
  • Surface in Add Ground Point
  • Various Improvements
    • Compute List assigns line numbers
    • Support for LAS v1.4 project storage format in Compute Depth Maps
    • Default Altitude added to mission camera definition
    • Add lever arm option added to Transform Positions
  • Import Pix4D Project
  • Rectify Wall and Roof Textures
  • Various Improvements
    • Display Triangles now draws triangles counter clockwise
    • Render only option added to Display Raster Triangles level selection
    • Model Write Text key-in command for writing LandXml files as part of macro
    • Faster preview display speed for large TIN models when zoomed in
  • Engine Improvements
    • Improved handling of point clouds over 10k points/m2
    • Support for BIG GPU
  • Group based classification tools
    • Selection of Groups
    • Snapping and Visibility Filters
    • Visualization Views
  • Group Editing Tools
    • Trimming groups using Point Selection Sphere
  • View Synchronization
  • Background Info
  • Conversion Effort
  • Pricing for New Customers
  • Pricing for Existing Customer on Maintenance
  • Why another platform?
  • Why stay on MicroStation?
  • Why choose Spatix?
  • MicroStation vs Spatix
  • Recommendation for Existing Customers

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