What’s New in Terrasolid – Feb 2013

The newest features within the Terrasolid products that have been added to the Terrasolid version 013 software between February 2012 and February of 2013.

New Features in TerraScan 2013

  • Various Improvements
    • Output control report can compare against TerraModeler TIN model
    • Support for depth maps when extracting color
    • Reduced memory usage in Split at last gaps in trajectories
    • Percentile option for computing elevation in Mouse Point Adjustment
    • Compatibility with PowerCivil country versions and
    • Scan Delete Inside Fence and Scan Delete Outside Fence key-in commands
    • Read points can read GeoTIFF files created by exporting lattice models from TerraScan
    • Maximum thread count increased to 16
    • Point classes have a code – feature code like text string which can be written to user defined point file formats
    • Vectorize Buildings removes unnecessary parts of inner walls
    • Export lattice models supports selected non-rectangle polygons
  • Now writes attribute streams when using fast binary
  • Fast Binary Speed
  • Multiple source classes and swapping of source and destination classes in:
    • Assign Point Class
    • Classify Using Brush
    • Classify Fence
    • Classify Above Line
    • Classify Below Line
  • Macro for Poor Accuracy
  • Color Trajectories by Accuracy
  • Process scanners separately in macro
  • Draw Horizontal Section
  • Draw in Raster in v8i
  • Classify Closeby Points
  • Export 3D Ortho
  • Find Wires
  • Find Rails
  • Draw Slope Arrows
  • Classify by Normal Vector
  • Slope Coloring
  • Draw Sight Distances
  • Split Building
  • Fit Geometry Components

New Features in TerraMatch 2013

  • Improvements
    • Tie Line
      • Save results after each block
      • Tools / Transform tie lines
      • Delete / By criteria
    • Find Tie Line Fluctuations can now solve roll and pitch corrections
    • More information in tie line report
  • Ball Target Objects
  • Find Tie Line Fluctuations supports using image tie points as observations

New Features in TerraPhoto 2013

  • Improvements
    • Tie Point
      • Selecting visible fields in Tie points window
      • Four different sizes for Tie points window
      • ‘Average mismatch’ field in images list in tie points window.
      • ‘Focus point list automatically’ setting in ‘Tie points / Automation’ category.
      • Delete keyboard key deletes selected tie point pixel
      • Display position hint setting shows location or pixel ray of first pixel entered
    • Delete / By camera command for image list
    • View / Sort images can sort by image quality
    • Images / Delete / Outside ground menu command for removing images which do not see any ground points
    • Support for using depth maps when extracting color
    • Color points use less memory than before
    • Filter bad command for removing bad color points
    • Compatibility with PowerCivil country versions and
  • Tie Status for Images
  • Export orientation
  • Edge Buffer in Rectificaton
  • Vectors & Points in Rendering
  • XYZ Accuracy Estimates
  • Depth Point Tie Points
  • Derive image corrections – Sun Spot

New Features in TerraModel 2013

  • Macro in Triangulate Multiple Sources
  • Setup Automatic Sections

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