What’s New in Terrasolid – Feb 2014

The newest features within the Terrasolid products that have been added to the Terrasolid version 014 software between February 2013 and February of 2014.

New Features in TerraScan Feb 2014

  • Drop Down List Class Selection in V8i
  • Classify Outside Shapes
  • Transform points from Height from Ground and Height from TIN
  • TIN Transformation
  • Multiple Improvements:
    • Max number of cross arms in powerline tower increased to 16
    • Find Danger Objects accepts any linear element
    • Classify using brush support rectangle shape brush
    • Rotate View when panning in Place Railroad String
    • Building Models (new tools)
  • Change Detection Coloring
  • Fit Geometry Components
  • Paint Lines (Find and Read)
  • Compute and Read Road Section Parameters

New Features in TerraMatch Feb 2014

  • Draw Observations
  • Lever Arm Solution

New Features in TerraPhoto Feb 2014

  • Raster Reference: Detach Inside/Outside Fence
  • Export City Model
  • Change Texture Image
  • Radial Intensity Correction
  • Retile Images
  • Known Depth Tie Point Type
  • Support for Multi Channel Images

New Features in TerraModeler Feb 2014

  • Export Triangle Text File to LandXML 1.0/1.2 Format
  • Compute Quantity can now use laser points directly and export report automatically
  • Validate Linear Elements
  • Fix Touching Elements
  • Fit to Tile Elevation Coloring

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