What’s New in Terrasolid – Feb 2015

The newest features within the Terrasolid products that have been added to the Terrasolid version 015 software between February 2014 and February of 2015.

New Features in TerraScan Feb 2015

  • Default coordinate setup category added to Settings
  • Macro files now store file paths in macro steps as paths relative to macro file location
  • Classify Moving Objects
  • Scale dZ from TIN Transformation
  • Label Alignment Curvature
  • Writing Longitude & Latitude values to LAS and FBI File Formats
  • Road intensity option in exporting raster images
  • Cut Single Scanner Edges
  • New Trajectory Format (Support TOPCON and POF 1.1)
  • Smoothen points can now smoothen intensity values
  • Enhanced Depth Perception
  • Sky Background in Perspective Views
  • Color Mixture for Assign Color to Points
  • Adjust color values of laser points for Brightness, Saturation and Grey Balance
  • Travel View
  • Write Alignment Elevations
  • Classify Walls
  • Classify Groups as Trees
  • Find Wires added as macro step
  • Automatic Backup option for loaded points
  • Smoothen Stops
  • Multiple Source Classes in Ground Classification

New Features in TerraMatch Feb 2015

  • Improvements
    • Find Tie Line Fluctuations
    • Apply Correction – interpolated relative to travel distance as opposed to time
  • Find Rubbersheet Correction
  • Modifies tie lines so each tie line has observations from a single line only
  • Find Intensity Correction

New Features in TerraPhoto Feb 2015

  • Improvements
    • Export City Model – Write Roofs, Write Walls, Roof Slope
    • Save All added to Change Texture Image
    • New Trajectory Format (Support TOPCON and POF 1.1)
    • Open color points can now select multiple files
    • Faster JPEG Reading
    • Ability to assign quality values to images in Define Color Corrections
    • Rectify Images can now use color points to adjust brightness and coloring
    • Color Points
    • Draw Footprints now draws footprints outside surface in red (or blue)
  • Define Color Points supports bounding polygons
  • Reprojection of Raster References
  • Favoring Cameras for Selected Classes
  • Point Cloud Mode in Color Points
  • Deduce Line numbers assigns line numbers to images
  • Support for Panoramic Images

New Features in TerraModeler Feb 2015

  • Improvements
    • Triangulate Multiple Sources now has Inside fence only option
    • Added Key-in commands
  • Display only drawing mode added to Compute Quantity (V8i)
  • Fixes
    • Paint method display fixed in Exclude Triangle
    • Display fixed in Construct Breakline

New Features: Introduction to 64-Bit Terrasolid Feb 2015

  • Next version of MicroStation will come out as 64 bit application
    • Second ‘public’ beta downloadable from Bentley Select pages
    • Currently no official release date planned
  • Main porting effort done 2013 on TerraScan, TerraPhoto, TerraMatch and TerraModeler
  • 64-bit beta versions released in January 2015
  • Same license as 32-bit versions
  • When 64-bit MicroStation is released:
    • Users can continue to use 32-bit software for years to come
    • All new tool development will be on 64-bit versions
  • What Changes with 64-Bits?
    • No change in processing speed – same processor power
    • Applications can use more memory
      • Recommended Block Tile Size with 64 bit: 100 million
      • Max Block Tile Size with 64 bit: 1000 million
    • More freedom in software development – new capabilities
    • TerraSlave 64-bit can run more TerraScan tasks and some TerraPhoto tasks

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