Windows 10 Update 1803 (Spring Creator)

Customer Advisory Bulletin CAB_TS20180530A

Possible Problem #1

Windows 10 Update 1803 (Spring Creator) causes some problems with non-English MicroStation (PowerDraft and Open Roads Designer) CONNECT. MicroStation CONNECT Updates 8 and 9 do not work anymore after the update has been installed. They will typically hang while opening. Earlier versions of MicroStation CONNECT are not affected. Please find more information on Bentley’s web page.

Update: Bentley announced that the problems caused by Windows 10 Update 1803 (Spring Creator, April 2018) have been fixed by another Windows update issued 24th of July 2018. Please find more information on Bentley’s web page.

Possible Problem #2

The Windows 10 Update 1803 may change the computer ID which makes any node-locked Terrasolid licenses, or Terrasolid licenses checked out to a machine from a Terra License Server prior to the update being applied unusable (or network licenses if the PC acts as a license server for Terrasolid applications). The ID change is not systematic, so it may stay the same or change. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to update Windows 10 until the problem with MicroStation CONNECT has been solved. Only install the Windows 10 Update 1803, if there is no urgent project work to finish with Terrasolid software, and allow 1-2 days for requesting new license files, if necessary. Please test the Terrasolid software after the update to check whether the computer ID has changed or not. For client machines that check out pool licenses from a Terra License Server, be sure to check licenses back into the server before applying Windows 10 Update 1803 so that the license can be checked out again to the machine with the potentially updated computer ID.



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