An Introduction to ASPSuite

We are releasing a significant update to the AirGon Sensor Package Software Suite (ASPSuite or just ASP) with the release of our new direct geopositioning system (DGPS), Loki.  ASPSuite is the intermediate step between landing the drone and feeding data to the Structure from Motion (SfM) software (PhotoScan, Pix4D, DroneDeploy and etc.).

ASPSuite is available in two licensing levels, Standard and Advanced.  The Standard level is useful when you are not using a Loki DGPS on your drone.  It provides tools to help you manage flights and, more importantly, to fix some errors that DJI makes in assigning altitudes to images; if the altitudes of your flight are not approximately correct, your automatic camera calibration software will resolve an incorrect focal length.  It also will geotag images as a final processing step.  ASPSuite Standard edition is included with the Bring Your Own Drone (BYOD) Mapping Kit.  ASPSuite Advanced Edition adds drivers for RTKLIB, the software we use for obtaining the DGPS solution as well as tools for geotagging images and correcting event mismatches.  ASPSuite Advanced edition is included with each Loki package.  Additional licenses of both levels can be separately purchased.

ASPSuite is our first software package to use a new licensing system from Reprise Software called Reprise License Manager (RLM) and our second package to use automatic web-based software updates (AirGon Reckon being the first).  The current version of ASPSuite (2017.2) is licensed in Roaming mode only.  This means that you can load the software on as many devices as you like (it runs on Windows 7 and Windows 10).  You then, via the integral License Manager, check out a license to the machine you wish to use for up to 30 days.  You can check the license in at any time you like.  Check in and check out require an internet connection.  No connection is required for licensing while running ASPSuite although you will need to connect for other actions such as downloading data such as satellite ephemeris.  The License Manager is depicted in Figure 1.  The license currently checked out is indicated in the left-hand section of the pane.  The status of your license pool on the license server is shown in the right-hand pane.  In my example, I have an Advanced License checked out for 2 days.  The right-hand pane indicates that I have 10 standard licenses with none checked out and 20 Advanced licenses with eleven checked out.  The actual license pool is maintained on a cloud-hosted server that you connect to via the ASPSuite License Manager.  This style of licensing is termed “Roaming” because, once you have checked out a license, you can “roam” your machine without needing a connection to a network or the internet.

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