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Reporting of Trees and Other Objects using Groups

Hard to believe, but we’re already fifteen weeks into the new year. In that time span, Terrasolid has released thirteen updates for TerraScan, plus several for the other modules, each adding improvements, bug fixes and several new features to the products. One new feature that helps improve existing workflows and streamlines the extraction of information…


Loading Stored Filters failed. (17894)

Open LP360 or ArcMap with the LP360 for ArcMap extension loaded results in the error, “Loading Stored Filters failed. (17894)”, with the description of “The XML file is not a ‘Stored Filters’ format XML document. (10343) The filters.xml file found in the user’s “C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Roaming\LP360”, where %user% is the currently logged in Windows user, has somehow…


Whatever Happened to Data Fusion (Part 2 of 2)

In last month’s article we discussed data fusion from the aspect of merging LIDAR and Imagery data together in order to facilitate the extraction of information from the LIDAR point cloud. That article focused on some of the tools within the Terrasolid suite of software that facilitate this process for Airborne LIDAR data. In this…


Whatever Happened to Data Fusion (Part 1 of 2)

A few years ago the big buzzword in the industry was data fusion, and most times people were referring to the merging of image and LIDAR technologies to provide a more comprehensive dataset. This buzz led to many vendors purchasing systems that contain not only a LIDAR system, but also a camera of some sort. Typically…