20 articles LP360 Tutorials

A collection of how-to videos to assist with various tools, workflows, and analysis in LP360.

LP360 Short Tutorial – Feature Edit Part 3: Downstream Constrained

Learn about creating, validating and editing vertices of downstream constrained features in LP360 using the downstream constraint setting of the Conflation Point Cloud Task. This short tutorial is designed to introduce the user to creating hydrological breaklines with proper downstream flow using the Feature Edit toolbar.


LP360 Short Tutorial by the USGS – Lesson 10d1: Importing Data into LP360

The USGS composed a short video for the basics of importing data into the LP360 Viewer, how to visualize the data in 2D and 3D, change the visualization using toolbar functions, and turn on all or specific LIDAR point Classes. Some aspects of the product pertaining to Live View have changed in the releases after…