60 articles Terrasolid Tutorials

Under the following topics you can find various Terrasolid tutorials or training animations for your self-training. For some training topics, there are training data sets available. Please note that some of the training animations do not represent the latest developments in the software, hence, may be partly outdated. The animations are not intended for replacing comprehensive training courses offered by GeoCue.

Tutorial: TerraScan Display Modes

In this short tutorial learn about some of the growing number of TerraScan display modes. Covers some of the color by options, display options such as: fit; coloring scheme; weight; filtering by line; displaying borders, and specific settings for some of the display modes. For more on setting up views refer to the TerraScan View Laser…


Tutorial: Vectorize Buildings for 3D City Models

In this short tutorial learn how to use the Vectorize Buildings tool to create 3D vectorized building models based on a loaded point cloud data. The point cloud has to be classified into: Ground points using the Ground classification routine. Above-ground points which may be hits on building roofs using Compute distance followed by the…


Tutorial: Sight Distance along Corridors using TerraScan

Sight distance assessment is of major importance for road safety. It is essential that available distances along roads are sufficient for emergency stops or overtaking maneuvers where required. Sight distance of signage can be used to assess safety when it comes to traffic signs or rail signals, or show the economics of a billboard. The…


Tutorial: Add Known XYZ Tie Points in TerraPhoto

The absolute accuracy of the images can be verified and possibly improved with the help of ground control points (GCPs). GCPs can be placed in TerraPhoto as Known XYZ tie points. They must be entered manually in images that see the GCPs’ locations. Known XYZ tie points are entered based on points for which the…


Tutorial: Colorizing Airborne data from Orthomosaic

Simple way of colorizing an airborne point cloud data by using an attached orthomosaic. The Extract Color from Images command extracts color values from raster images and assigns the values to laser points. The color sources can be orthophotos attached as TerraPhoto raster references or raw images in an active TerraPhoto image list.


Tutorial: Sharing Point Cloud Data on Google Maps using TerraScan

Tutorial showing sharing point cloud data on Google Maps using TerraScan. Content: 10:41​ Convert MLS-project to LAZ format to minimize transfer size (optional) 14:09​ Upload project block files to FTP server 16:00​ Export KML file from TerraScan project – Export to Google Maps menu command in Define Project 17:38​ Import KML file to Google My…