How do I Create a LAS Shape File Index of my LAS Files?

The new LDExport tool provides a quick means of generating a shapefile index of your LAS files. Download Export_sidx_settings.xml, and modify the HorizontalEPSGCode, and HorizontalUnitsEPSGCode to match the LAS files. Then execute the following in a command line, where the LAS files are located in “D:\Training_Data\Davidson_TN_2016\LAS” and the settings file was saved to “D:\Training_Data\Davidson_TN_2016”.

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\LP360\LDExport.exe" -v -i D:\Training_Data\Davidson_TN_2016\LAS -n -s D:\Training_Data\Davidson_TN_2016\Export_sidx_settings.xml -sidx -o D:\Training_Data\Davidson_TN_2016\LAS

Error messages:

Failed to create file .shp file.
ERROR: Failed to Export Shape Index file

Indicates that the output folder does not exist or the user does not have permissions to write in the folder specified by the “-o” parameter.


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