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LP360 Short Tutorial – Importing ASCII to shapefile

Learn how to convert ASCII text files into shapefiles for use in LP360 in this short introductory tutorial. To make use of the Drive Mode shortcuts available within the LP360 Control Points toolbar for navigation and filtering see the information on the built-in descriptions.


GeoCue Server – Windows Firewall

If you’re running Windows Firewall on the system where the GeoCue Server is installed, GeoCue Clients on your internal network may not be able to connect to the GeoCue Server or the server may not be able to communicate with the SQL Server.  If this happens, you may do one of the following: Disable Windows…


Files with Geographic coordinate system cannot be processed. (23123)

User encounters, “Files with Geographic coordinate system cannot be processed. (23123)” while attempting to execute a point cloud task. LP360 does not process LIDAR data that is in geographic coordinate systems. Please reproject the data to a projected system instead.


Error Generating TSTrajectory File with SOL

User encounters an “Error Generating TSTrajectory File with SOL” while trying to create TerraScan trajectories in GeoCue, “An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file.” The sensor trajectory file is over 2GB in size causing an indexing issue. Reduce the file size to below 2GB by clipping unnecessary…


Only getting Viewer License in LP360 for ArcGIS

When I open ArcGIS, the toolbars for LP360 are greyed out. The Extensions tab only shows a “Viewer” level license. The Viewer license level is not a valid license level for LP360 for ArcGIS. On the LP360 Main Toolbar, there is a dropdown used to access License Manager, which the user may use to change…


Insufficient Resources Available in Dispatch Manager

Distributed tasks don’t seem to take full advantage of the available Distributed Subtask Licenses (DSLs). When the task is running, the first pending subtask in Dispatch Manager under the “Pending Reason” column reads “Insufficient Resources Available”. Insufficient resources available means the available machine resources are less than the predicted usage of the command being run,…