Display by Point Source in LP360

Have you ever clicked on the Display by Point Source button and only gotten a single source display when you know that there are multiple source points (usually flight lines) in your data?

Remember that to display your source points you must first add them to your project by using the Symbology /Point Source tab on the Layer Properties dialog.

To do this select the LAS Layer Properties button and then select the Symbology /Point Source tabs. Add all the source points for the project by selecting the Add All Values button.

The Add All Values dialog will display giving you information on how the point sources were found. Select OK and the point source information will be added into the Point Source tab. Now select OK to save the change and exit the Layer Properties Dialog.

Now display the point sources for you project by selecting the Display by Point Source button.

To view source points in the Profile and 3D windows, repeat the steps described above or simply use the “Copy Legends” command to copy the display attributes from the LAS (“Map”) view to the other views.

Display by Point Source


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