How to install ASPSuite for all users?


How do I install ASPSuite for all users? Or, can I install ASPSuite under “c:\Program Files”?


The answer to both is ASPSuite is a ClickOnce application, hence the installer is not like the Windows Installer (MSI) or the old Setup.exe installers. The ClickOnce deployment is designed to facilitate easier updates where only the parts of the application that are changed need to be downloaded; limit the impact as the application is self-contained and cannot interfere with other applications; and enables non-administrative users to install the application once the pre-requisites are installed on the machine. Hence, once an administrative user installs ASPSuite once on a machine, then non-administrative users should be able to click the installation URL to install it for their own use without any issues. See the following Microsoft documentation for more detail:





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