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True View EVO Error: An unexpected error occurred running POSPacBatch.exe

True View EVO errs with, “An unexpected error occurred running POSPacBatch.exe” while submitting Post Process Trajectory File to POSPac Local. This is a generic error message whenever your POSPac project did not process to a successful solution using the InFusion Single Base processing mode and may be caused by one or more of the reasons…


Attempt to Execute the Geocoder Task Failed

User encounters an error, “Attempt to execute the Geocoder task failed. Detail: Failure processing laser packets: processPkts() error: failed to open <PATH\YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.las> for write” while trying to geocode LIDAR again. This can happen if the user renamed the Cycle LAS layer as LP360 still has the file sin the Cycle\LAS folder open for read/write, but…


True View EVO Users Guide

True View Evo is a 64-bit Windows® desktop application used for processing and exploiting True View sensor data. It is GeoCue’s LP360 point cloud exploitation product with the addition of a collection of tools for True View sensor data workflows. Currently, True View Evo is available in two licensing levels: True View Evo – This…


Applanix SLU: No Internet Connection Available

Attempting to activate a POSPac license in the Applanix Software License Utility (SLU) results in the error, “No internet connection available. Activating a license requires an internet connection.” Ensure your machine is connected to the internet. The Applanix license activation and deactivation uses HTTP/HTTPs protocol to communicate with their license server web portal, server at…


Applanix Locking Codes

Locking codes are the only identifying piece of information associated with Applanix POSPac license EIDs. The locking code may change depending on:  If physical components of the computer are replaced (network adapter, motherboard) If the customer uses some sort of dock for a laptop The use of a bluetooth adapter If adapter settings are changed…


Connecting the DJI Zenmuse X4S Hardwired Camera to a Loki

When using a Loki and M200 setup, flying with a wired camera is an important detail to geotagging survey photos in ASPSuite. But in order to get successful results, the wires connecting the camera and the Loki need to be connected in a specific manner or else external camera events may not be recorded. The…