Analyzing Swath Coverage in LP360

Quality control and assurance checks should be applicable for various acquisition scenarios so as to not limit the methods that a data provider may use to obtain usable data. In that regard, some providers use collection methods that require multiple overlapping swaths in order to adhere to the project requirements. In other cases, simple side overlap to ensure there are no holes in data coverage suffices. Here, we will present some methods for analyzing collections to validate if the collection matches the intended flight plan.

Previous terminology concerning nominal pulse spacing (NPS) and nominal pulse density (NPD) worked for single swath collections, but new terminology needed to be created to represent multiple swath collections. As such, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) LIDAR Base Specification 1.2 has added the following new terms: aggregate nominal pulse spacing (ANPS) and aggregate nominal pulse density (ANPD) to describe the net overall pulse spacing and density.

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