ASPSuite Error: Failed to checkout roaming license – License has Expired


Attempting to “Check Out License” for ASPSuite results in an error message, “ASPSuite Error: Failed to checkout roaming license: Failed to checkout the license for ASP. Reason: License has Expired”. This error message usually shows when the number of available licenses shows as “0 of #”. Where, # is greater than 0.

ASPSuite: License Expired

Probable Resolution #1:

The error message indicates that all of your allocated licenses are already in use by users on other machines, and the current machine on which you are attempting to get a license has an expired license on it. You can check license usage in the Client Portal. Then, on the machine with one of your licenses roamed, open ASPSuite and check back in the license so that it will become available in the pool once again, and can be checked out on the desired machine.


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