Classifying in LP360 Using the Number Keys

When classifying within LP360, the numbered keys on the number pad section of the keyboard can be used to specify and commit points for the “To” class during the classification process. However, the numbered keys across the top of the keyboard cannot be used for this shortcut.

Classes 0-9 (Unclassified – Water) can be classified directly by selecting the corresponding keyboard key after using one of the classification tools. This works independent of what the Destination Class is set to on the classification toolbar. Pressing the space bar after specifying the area to be reclassified is not necessary when using the classification number keys as pressing a number sets the destination class to the class corresponding to the single digit number that was pressed and commits the marked points.

Please note that the “Source Points filter” and the “To” classes are remembered on a per tool basis. The combination of these two features should help with efficiency when performing manual classification using LP360.


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