Creating a Profile

There are two ways to draw a profile cross section in LP360. The most commonly known way is to left-click on a point to start the profile, draw the length and left-click again to specify the end point of the profile. To specify the depth at that point, left-click and drag the profile to the desired width. If you wish to use a depth that was used in a previous profile, double left-click.

The other option provides the user with a more precise option when drawing the profile. Instead of left-clicking to specify the start of the profile, right-click. This will activate a box in which a user can specify the exact coordinates on which to start the profile location display. Once the values are set, hit enter. Right-click again to specify the exact coordinates on which to end the profile location and one more time to specify the profile depth. For each input box, click enter to continue.

Upon entering the final input information, the profile depth, the profile will appear within the profile window as specified.

Creating a Profile Tooltip


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