Down To Earth – The Coal Belt

McGehee Engineering Corp., incorporated since 1989, found its niche in the coal mining industry in Alabama and has since grown its business into a multi-disciplined consulting firm providing mining, environmental, civil, geotechnical, analytical, and specialized expertise to a broad range of clients.

Keeping up with the times means keeping up with technology, and the McGehee team has become experts in aerial mapping and surveying, especially on this particularly challenging project for one of their coal mining customers who need to build a large conveyor belt on the side of a steep bluff to transport material down the cliff.

In this first episode, they review the project site and start planning to use TrueView 3DIS (Imagery Sensors) to overcome the challenges of the terrain, distance, and bluffs facing the design of the Coal Belt.

In this second episode, the McGehee team puts the plan to work, and flies the challenging project, keeping eyes on the drone and capturing the data needed to create the topographic survey and orthophoto.

In the third and final episode of the Coal Belt, Jordan and Stephen head back to the office in Jasper, Alabama to process the data and create the deliverables in LP360.  The advances in drone LiDAR technology and software help the team at McGehee Engineering quickly and efficiently satisfy the needs of their customers.

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