7 articles TrueView Case Studies

A repository of TrueView case studies related to the TrueView line of drone mapping products. Includes former AirGon products such as Loki and ASPSuite.

Down To Earth – The Coal Belt

McGehee Engineering Corp., incorporated since 1989, found its niche in the coal mining industry in Alabama and has since grown its business into a multi-disciplined consulting firm providing mining, environmental, civil, geotechnical, analytical, and specialized expertise to a broad range of clients. Keeping up with the times means keeping up with technology, and the McGehee…


Direct Geopositioning Accuracy using AirGon Loki – A Case Study

Introduction: In September of 2017, AirGon LLC released Loki, a direct geopositioning system for the DJI Inspire 2 drone as well as generic drones carrying a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera.  Since that time, Loki has been adapted to the Phantom 4 Pro and the m2xx series of DJI drones.   A direct geopositioning system…


Case Study – Fixing Time Consuming Inventory Collection

A Case Study from Philips’ Soil Challenge We conduct a core product inventory every quarter for our bark and pumice stockpiles to keep our bookkeeping updated. Our inventory collection methods consisted of simply guessing the volume of each pile (highly inaccurate) or having our loader operator move 5 yards of product at a time (extremely…


Mapping the Battle of Gettysburg – Little Round Top Revealed

GeoCue Group recently partnered with the National Park Service (NPS) in a pilot project to assess culturally significant areas within Gettysburg National Military Park using small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). The area of interest (AOI) for this project was the western face of Little Round Top. Little Round Top was the location of a defensive…


Topographic monitoring at the restoration of the Somolinos quarry using LP360 (English subs)

Using drone (sUAS) collected photogrammetry which are then turned into a point cloud for assessment in LP360 Ignacio Zapico Alonso (Departamento de Geodinámica, UCM, e Instituto de Geociencias, CSIC-UCM), Anonio Molina Jurado (Universidad de Alcalá) and David Gutiérrez Torres (DGDrone) discuss Topographic monitoring at the restoration of the Somolinos quarry. The video is in Spanish with English…


GeoCue visits the Ohio/Indiana UAS Center and Test Complex

Martin Flood (GeoCue Canada) and I visited the Oho/Indiana UAS Center and Test Complex in Springfield, Ohio this past week. We were invited by Mr. Fred Judson of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to give a presentation at a small technical exchange meeting devoted to the topics of the legal framework for sUAS, mission…